center [sent′ər]
[ME & OFr centre < L centrum, center, orig., that point of the compass around which the other describes the circle < Gr kentron, sharp point, goad < kentein, to stitch < IE base * k̑ent-, to prick > OHG hantag, sharp, Goth handugs, wise, ON hannarr, skillful]
1. a point equally distant from all points on the circumference of a circle or surface of a sphere
2. the point around which anything revolves; pivot
a) a place at which an activity or complex of activities is carried on [a shopping center]
b) a place from which ideas, influences, etc. emanate [Paris, the fashion center]
c) a place to which many people are attracted [a center of interest]
4. the approximate middle point, place, or part of anything
5. a group of nerve cells regulating a particular function [the vasomotor centers]
6. Mech.
a) one of two tapered or conical pins or rods, as on a lathe, for holding a piece of work in position
b) an indentation in either end of such a piece in which the pin fits
7. Mil. that part of an army situated between the flanks
8. [often C-] Politics a position, party, or group between the left (radicals and liberals) and the right (conservatives and reactionaries): so called from the position of the seats occupied in some European legislatures
9. Sports
a) a player whose position at the start of a contest is at the center of the line or playing area
b) Football the offensive lineman who passes the ball between the legs to a player in the backfield to start play
c) Baseball CENTER FIELD
1. to place in, at, or near the center
2. to draw to one place; gather to a point
3. to furnish with a center
4. Football to pass (the ball) to a player in the backfield: said of the center
1. to be centered; be concentrated or focused: usually with on or in
2. Sports to play the position of center
center around
Informal to have as a central point, focus of attention, etc.

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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